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helloserve Productions is a freelance and contracting endeavor specialising in .NET program development, Unreal Engine, Unity and general game and graphics development, and 3D content design and modeling.

This is something I’ve watched videos about so many times, and every time I have to rewatch a video in order to get it right, and then I still struggle every time. So I decided to write it up for myself.

An automation project to facilitate efficient grid-tied PV and battery usage with a view towards saving for replacement.

This was a serious and real attempt at making a game. I wanted to build something I wanted to play.

Lerping between two yaw angles is a problem that’s harder to solve than it appears at first. At least, that’s my experience with trying to deal with it. I’ve solved it twice now, for slightly different end-goals.

  • This blog post was made using Blender 2.83.3 and Unreal Engine 4.26.2

If you haven’t read it, check out part 1 for what we’re importing today.

Now that we have our sliding door animation sorted, we need to bring it into the game engine to make use of it. In Blender, the hierarchy currently shows the armature as the main node of this mechanism, and the two door geom...

  • This blog post was made using Blender 2.83.3
  • Top Tip: In general [Alt+...] menus in Blender are "negative" or "remove" menus, and [Ctrl+...] menus are "additive or "create" menus.

I’m building an elevator, and I want to make the doors open and close on player interaction. You can code it, or you can animate it. I wanted to animate it.

And in fact