The Blue Car

Affectionally referred to by its colour, this 1989 Eunos Roadster is my first project car, and has a significant bond with our family.

Before I even got the car, my wife bought me a workshop manual for it as a wedding gift. And to this day it is both a source of enjoyment and endearment to both of us and my sons. I've had the car since 2009 and in that time I've become an amateur mechanic, it's been my daily driver, we've done a road trip to Namibia, the exterior has been completely reconditioned, and has now become quite a maintenance chore as it pushes past 30 years.

The series of blog posts chronicles my ownership of the car and covers the rather mundane to some pretty technical detail. It's not a how-to guide (or at least, is not intended to be).

Workshops! AAAARGH!


A year after my air conditioning was repaired, it's a shambles again. And this time it's the professionals that messed up.

The 5 month long major service


A major service on my Miata, pushing 200 000km

More winder troubles


Trim tools? What’s that?

The Cooler


My son, who’s 4 years old, refers to the air conditioning as “the cooler”. It was broken, and he was complaining.

Christmas Gremlins!


So the passenger window stops working, when you press the up button.

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