Transition to XNA 4.0

Published on 5/24/2011

I never tried XNA 4.0 while it was in CTP, so the list of changes from 3.1 to 4.0 was new for me, but it's going well. However, there's one problem which I have not been able to solve yet. And no matter what I try, it simply won't go away.IncorrectClipping.jpg

The above is a screen dump of my actual back buffer from the level editor. And, as highlighted, there seems to be some problem with the clipping or something. Areas which are supposed to be hidden behind other areas are drawn and seen. Sort of like a Z order problem when working with sprites.

I've searched high and low for solutions to this, but Google has not been forthcoming. And the App hub registration is so spastic that I cannot sign up (South Africa is not supported). My options are now either to

  • Continue development while ignoring this 'artifact'.
  • Revert back to XNA 3.1 and go with DirectX 9.0c and shader profiles 2.0
  • Of course, I'll still continue to look for a solution. The members over at Stackoverflow might hit on something...