Talking about it

Published on 12/17/2015

I've added the DISQUS platform to my site.

Comments is something I'm pretty wary of on the internet. For example, when News24 disabled the commenting on their site the experience was hugely improved. But it's not as simple as that. EWN still have commenting, but instead of their own system like MyNews24, they leverage off of the DISQUS platform. This means that everyone's comments are linked to a public profile that is visible on the entire internet, not just on News24. There's that extra layer of depth there which somehow seems to get round the hate- and one-time-post-accounts.

So I've decided to incorporate the same here. Obviously, the DISQUS embed can only show from the single blog post page, and I don't want to clutter my front-page with a stack of comments in the middle. So you'll have to click the links to see and use it.

I'm looking forward to hearing what people think about my projects, or my github, or whatever. Teach me something new, please!