Open sauce

Published on 7/28/2015

It's now on GitHub.

So, a site update. You'll notice the SVG icons in the footer instead of the previous simple letter links. With this update I've also added a link to my GitHub.

I've started to push some of my previous work related to these personal projects to GitHub. If you're interested, check it out. It's mostly isolated components and small libraries. I might even try to get the more useful ones onto nuget, but don't bet on it.

Currently there are three repositories. A Windows service based host for Minecraft that also manages a mapper through a headless Chunky instance and includes a website that hosts a custom tiled Google Maps implementation. Then there's a c# tree library. Only the basic binary tree is implemented but is a complete ICollection that supports removing of nodes through tree reorganizing. It doesn't have any LINQ extensions yet. And finally a client for integrating with

I'm also going to put up my WPF regular expression tester. It's probably the most self-used little application I've ever written.