Published on 1/21/2013

Happiness! The test site has been migrated over to the live site. But is the design complete?

It's been a few months in the making, including a complete re-design and re-write, but I've finally put my new site over to my new hosting at Arvixe.

Functionally the changes are mostly for me own benefit. The new site has a light-weight content management system running which is managed through a built-in Admin section. This allows me to manage and create content from inside the site, even from my mobile.

But there's also been a visual re-design for your benefit. I wanted to bring the site in-line with the current phase of the web, something easy on the eye. My designer friends tell me it looks crap, but I like it, and I hope you do too. Accessibility has also been re-worked a lot. The site scales much better on the smaller mobile screens for instance.

Interactivity has been boosted by a custom built forum for discussions and what-not, but I'm holding back on a comment feature for blog and news posts until I feel it will add value to the site.

I'm pretty sure you'll find all sorts of small errors and omissions, but I do hope you like your stay here!