Blog Entries

Published on 1/17/2013

You might have noticed that all Stingray's old blog entries has been transferred to the test sight now. While doing it, however, a funny thing happened.

As I moved them, I looked at each entry to make sure the images show correctly, and also reread them all. After a while I realized how awesome an experience it was working on Stingray. And what an achievement it actually is.

It also brought back the many hours of work I put into the preparation for IndieCade, and the subsequent feedback of "This is not really an IndieCade type of game". It dawned on me yesterday how much of a disappointment it really was, how big the psychological blow was. And how it resulted in me practically dropping the project almost all together for a time, to take a break.

At the moment I'm not spending any real time on it. Just here and there, and mostly on content which is tedious. I'm not an artist by any means. For me the whole thing so far has been about the challenge. And now, content wise at least, the challenge has evaporated. So I'm really struggling to keep my motivations up.

Maybe there's another means of getting there...