Big Update!

Published on 7/13/2011

There's no release or anything, but the more we finish the more excited I'm getting about this project. Honestly...

Ramon has almost completed mapping the chopper. I know he's having difficulties and headaches since it's a rather complex model, but if anyone can get it done, he can. This is what he's come up with so far...


In other news, I've finished a prototype 'skybox'. I say prototype, because at this point it's not really all that good looking, but the idea is proven and all that remains is some tweaking. The textures are transitioned based on the sunlight system. Actually, the sunlight system drives the whole skybox by itself, including the rendering of it. All nicely packed into a single box of pleasure :) The screenshots were taken at dawn, noon and during late evening respectively.

skyboxDawn.jpg skyboxNoon.jpg skyboxLateEve.jpg