Strike Suit Zero

Published on 1/28/2013

Excuse me for punting someone else's game this morning, but I want to share this with you. Found it on GOG, out of the blue.

Not so much as even a facebook add (which is a damn good thing) alerted me to this game's existence. But I love it. It's a bold attempt at the space sim genre again, and they've taken their inspiration from all the good places, places that I hold in great standing. Like Robotech. Anyone remember that? I've found over the years that absolutely no-one can bring Macross island and the proto-culture to mind.

I haven't spent too much time with it yet, but what there is seems to be pretty solid. Even the simple mouse/keyboard controls (the same trick I'm trying to pull with Stingray) is easy to master and lends the game such a low barrier of entry.

And then there's the visuals - yet another punt for the proprietary engine.

Get it on GOG or on Steam