Painting the Environment

Published on 7/29/2011

After some good time spent at the art centre (my desk top PC at home), I've managed to make some cool additions to the level layouts.

There's not much to say here. Doing this using tiles is a bit of a pain, but it proves interesting, and gives us the ability to upsize the level area dramatically without a big impact on the footprint on disk, memory or framerate for that matter. Also, since the inspiration dates from the late 80's and early 90's, the tiling is sort of mandatory. Think of the new Ford Mustang. It's a faithfull homage to the old classic. The lines, the overall design harks back explicitly, but yet manages to convey a modern design. This is what these tiles are all about. Back in the old days they had maybe... 5 or 6 different ones. Today we have excellent capacity and capability, so I can have 600 different tiles split between the various geographical areas. But of course, I'd still want you to get the sense that it's tiled... just the like old games.

The screens below show two of the new tile areas, cliffs and the coastal regions. There's also a shot showing the recon vehicle in game. It's still with the basic texture. And I've not yet built in the positioning of objects (static or actor), so the palm tree and recon is in the same spot for the time being :)

AboveCliffs.jpg OceanView.jpg WithRecon.jpg